Inspired by classic video games from the 1980s, Bad Sector is a stylized arcade game that looks and sounds like a game straight out of the past. Quick reflexes and sharp eyes are necessary to ensure success. Bad Sector includes: Bright 1980 stylized graphics. Great electronic music and sound effects. Three different gameplay modes that allow you to challenge yourself. Over 10 different trophies that award you with various bonuses. Automatic game saves that store all of your unlocked trophies and highscores. Bad Sector along with Rain were two side projects meant to keep the website interesting during the production of Kingdom Keeper.

Weasle's Grade: 4/10 Forgettable.

thadaran's review: 4/10 wait what? sorry not my type of game, and kindof dident make sense, music was pretty good but music although important it aint enuf to make a game great (except for something like gutar hero, music is kindof important)