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Damac1214 For several Contributions and Starting the Wiki.

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The third and Final Pandemic American Swine Journal has been released.


Pandemic American Swine as well as a new journal have been released.


The wiki has been Renamed Pandemipedia in honor of Pandemic.


A new Journal is up and Pandemic American Swine has been announced.


Developers Journals have been started and can be viewed on the site.


Blips announced that Kingdom Keeper will soon be released.

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Weasel also known as Weasel101 on the wiki.

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This Months Featured Game is Global Defense System. Every living thing on Earth is facing extinction. A massive barrage of asteroids are on a direct collision course with Earth. By using the best technology and military hardware available, you must destroy the incoming asteroids and save the planet.

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...That the website was originally called Pandemic Studios. add a did you know.

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"A weasel seen is a death foretold. Therefore it is truly the blind man who lives to tell the tail." Weasel

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Kingdom Keeper


'Kingdom Keeper Kingdom Keeper is a side-scrolling medieval fantasy game filled with monsters, magic, blood and interesting characters. Players will be able to take advantage of 20 different abilities that can be learned and upgraded. The players castle, armor, sword, staff and axe can all be upgraded multiple times throughout the game. There are three unique levels, each feature vastly different enemies. bosses and settings.

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1s.png Pandemic EoM gameplay.

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300px|right Pandemic 2 Tutuorial

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The forums have been started and can be viewed on the wiki at the forum index!


The poll was created at 02:32 on August 15, 2009, and so far 0 people voted.

The poll was created at 02:32 on August 15, 2009, and so far 0 people voted.