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I was watching the forums for a while before i joined, i joined because of pandemic 2, i though i wouldent come back after but i did (GASP!) i been on for a little less then a year, i got a few good friends here, and got lots of help getting introduced to flash,i cant think of much more to add so i will probabley add more later!


It all began, not too long ago, after the first Pandemic was unleashed upon the world. Back then, it was called Pandemic studios, and I instigated a lot of the good times there, such as the original Pandemic stories contest, of which I was also the winner. Even back then, I was spreading my Weasle theology and numerous people were either in awe or lol of my prowess. Today, however, I have amassed the greatest post and topic creation count in the new forums Dark Realm Studios. Weasle is a living legend, and all are jealous.
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