Based on the game Pandemic, Extinction of Man gives you more direct control over the progress of your disease which greatly increases the strategic options open to the player. This time the world is ready for your disease. Individual regions will attempt to research vaccines to prevent your disease from spreading. Extinction of Man features and game play: Specifically attempt to infect airports, water plants or new regions. Build up the number of infected in region to increase your odds of infecting new places. Increase your diseases infectivity and lethality to make your disease more powerful. Increases your diseases resistance to drugs to make your disease harder to cure. Prevent regions from researching vaccines to your disease by targeting those regions specifically.

Weasle's grade: 5/10 Baby food.

thadaran's review- 6/10 man i think the first was way better, there really isent anything toatlly WRONG with this one but it just isent very fun, i could see blips was trying out diffrent way's he could take the series which is good but this dident come out well....