The Pandemic series was created by Dark Realm Studios and is widley popular. The games in the series are Pandemic, Pandemic 2, Pandemic: Extinction of Man and Pandemic American Swine.

Pandemic Edit

Pandemic was the first game in the series. Pandemic involved creating and evolving a virus in an attempt to wipe out Humanity. The player had 200 "days" to wipe out Humanity. Once your virus had done enough damage a vaccine would begin creation. If a vaccine was created you would be unable to win the game but could continue. If you did manage to win the game your High score could be submited.

Pandemic Extinction of Man Edit

Pandemic: Extinction of Man was the second game in the series. It was a spin-off of the first game and allowed more direct control of the virus. While you could not determine traits of the virus you could have it do anything you want. This included spread, Infect new host, infect a new country, infect airport, infect water supply, etc.

Pandemic 2 Edit

The third game and first Sequel to Pandemic. Pandemic 2 featured the choice between your Disease being a Virus, Bacteria, or a Parasite. It featured new symptoms and traits. Days went by automatically and there were now shipyards, boats, and Hospitals. The only challenge was Madagascar was included as a seperate region and only had a shipyard which closed down quickly as soon as your virus became apparent.

Pandemic American Swine Edit

Recently a new game Titled Pandemic American Swine was announced and will be the fourth game in the series. The role of the player is now reversed in that the player now wants to try and keep America safe from the swine flu instead of Destroying America. It will be the first Pandemic game to Feature Trophies and will also only take place in America not the whole world.

Future Games Edit

Pandemic 3 Edit

Rumors have circulated since the release of Pandemic 2 that a Pandemic 3 will be made. At the moment while unconfirmed it has not been ruled out and there is a section in the Forums where people can post Ideas for Pandemic 3.

Pandemic 4 Edit

A game that is a true rumor. There is little mention for it except in one topic on the Dark Realm Forums.